Linux Server

Linux Server

Swisoft Virtuozzo with FREE Control Panel. Powered by Dell.

Web Hosting on Steroids

Are you looking for a faster, more flexible solution than standard web hosting that can handle multiple web hosting accounts, multiple domain names with HUGE storage areas and ultra fast speeds? Then you need more resources than standard web hosting can offer.

Aceipro Dedicated Virtual Servers give you all the POWER and CONTROL of a stand alone server without the expensive hardware and running costs. Get the performance you need and take control of server space today.

Recommended for: Large traffic websites, multiple hosting accounts, mail servers, application servers, VOIP servers or personal servers.

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Linux Dedicated Servers

Unlimited Data Transfer - Look for this symbol

Aceipro Linux server plans come complete with a easy control panel allowing you to manage all your domain names, email accounts, disk space and much more. You can also manage your own operating system, install your own software. Its your server!

Why Aceipro Servers?

Server Tower Data Centre

FULL ACCESS To Your Own Server
Aceipro private servers are dynamically load balanced with a crowd control system to ensure stability and performance like a standalone server. Have your own server with complete access and no limitations.

UNLIMITED Website Hosting
All server plans will allow you to host unlimited websites with unlimited emails. We recommended servers for anyone with multiple websites, large traffic websites or web design businesses hosting clients websites.

UNLIMITED Data Transfer
That's right we now offer unlimited data transfer (bandwidth) with selected server plans, no more worrying about the monthly data bills or worrying if you have exceed your monthly allowance. It's unlimited!

FASTEST Data Speeds
With a complete Dell powered network connected through the latest Cisco technology, plugged into largest tier 1 data network, we can guarantee you ultra-fast speeds like never before.